Awards Dinner Acceptance Speeches from 2013 Petra Fellows


Speeches from November 2013 Petra Awards Dinner from Grace Bauer, Rey Faustino, Juan Haro and Natalicía Tracy and Keynote Address by Charles Ogletree, Civil Rights Champion and Harvard Law Professor.

Petra Fellow Susana Almanza First Latina Inducted into Walk of Heroes

Walk of Heroes Honors Susana Almanza:

Immigrant Works to Help Others Avoid Abuse

Natalicia Tracy came to Boston two decades ago seeking opportunity, but found herself little more than a slave. The family that brought her from her native Brazil as a teenager to work as a nanny paid her only $25 per week, she said, and forced her to sleep year-round on a three-season porch. They prevented more...

Every Child Matters

Digital story by 2001 Petra Fellow Elena Rodriguez, who works for the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children.